Update on Lower Milton End Farm Wedding Marquee

Wedding Marquee at Lower Milton End Farm


The Parish Council has been contacted by a number of parishioners in recent weeks about the Marquee erected a couple of months ago at Lower Milton End Farm. Some who have contacted us have said they would find it helpful if the Parish Council could issue a statement on the matter.

The planning issue was discussed by the Parish Council at its meeting on 13th May and a query was raised with Stroud District Council planners as to whether planning permission was required to establish the structure which is significantly different to and larger than a traditional marquee.

Ahead of the Parish Council meeting on 3rd June, the PC sought to contact the site owners to give an update on the site and their proposed intentions for its use. A statement from the Turner family outlined that the marquee had been erected by the Attwooll family for the wedding of a family member on 22nd June and would be taken down shortly afterwards. They also confirmed that their agreement with Attwoolls is such, that they (Attwoolls) would seek all the relevant planning and other permissions for the erection of the structure. This was to be done in conjunction with Attwoolls also undertaking market research to gauge interest in the hiring the marquee for future events.

Evidence of this market research was relayed to the Parish Council by parishioners, which included references to various websites advertising the venue hosting a ‘Gloucestershire Country Wedding Show’ on 30th June, with over 40 exhibitors in attendance and the site being available as a venue for weddings and other “live” events from 2020. This indicated that the erection of the Marquee may not be on a one-off or short-term basis as communicated to the Parish Council in the landowner’s statement.

We have since been assured that the Wedding Show scheduled for the 30th June has been cancelled. Both parties have reiterated that the Marquee is solely to be used for an Attwooll family wedding on the 22nd June, and that it will be taken down shortly afterwards. We have been told that there is no intention to use the Marquee on this particular site for future events. The Attwooll company is confident that it is operating within planning regulations. A Stroud District Council Ward member has advised that the District Council planning officers would feel it unlikely to be expedient to pursue the matter any further, given that the structure is due to be removed shortly after the wedding event. The Licensing Section at Ebley Mill have received an application for a Temporary Event Notice for the wedding. It is timed to finish at 00:30 on the Sunday morning.

We also understand from the Attwoolls that the website ‘Miltonend River View’, which was created by a marketing company and gave the impression that it was promoting the site as a wedding venue, was meant to show the potential of the Marquee. It has been accepted that this was unfortunate, and we believe that the website has been removed.

The Parish Council continues to use its best endeavours within its powers to relay the concerns of parishioners to the relevant parties.