Recycling Boxes and Bags available for collection from Ebley Mill from Monday 18th March

Dear all


As you are aware in the summer of 2018 we introduced a £10 charge for the delivery of most replacement waste receptacles.  This was designed to minimise the financial resource required to deliver items and to limit speculative requests.  


FYI - From Monday 18th March 2019 we’re extending the options available to residents for replacement containers.  Recycling boxes, food waste caddies, food waste bins and recycling bags (for eligible properties) will be available for collection, free of charge, from the council offices at Ebley Mill.  This is in addition to the existing option of delivery (for which a £10 charge still applies (apart from food waste containers)).


The webpage detailing our guidance to residents will be updated on Monday when we ‘go live’ with the collection option.  All residents will be advised upon first contact of the options they have available.  Please note residual and recycling wheelie bins will not be able to be collected from Ebley Mill.


Kind regards


Michael Towson

Community Services Manager

Stroud District Council