Proposed Road Closure of Arlingham Road on Monday 27th September 2021

County Highways have confirmed the proposed remedial work due to be carried out on Monday 27th September causing a road closure will not go ahead as planned.  This is because Severn Trent have not applied for a legal order to close the road and County Highways have refused the work.  The signs have been laid down and the legal order will take 6 weeks to be applied for.  We are told that the work needed in this instance should only take a couple of hours to complete and that County Highways will request that this work is done with temporary obstructions.


In the meantime the Parish Council will continue to pursue County Highways regarding risk assessments for both the work being carried out on the main road and for the proposed diversion route, why traffic lights cannot be an option (as they have been in the past) or a reduced speed limit through such roadworks if enough of the carriageway is available.