Road Closure on Monday 17th January 2022

The Arlingham Road will be closed on Monday 17th January between the hours of 9:30am and 3:30pm (although we are told by County Highways that this work should be completed by lunchtime and the road re-opened). The diversion will be via Overton Lane. All emergency services have been notified in advance back in November when the original road closure notice was created.
The Parish Council are aware that advance signage of the road closure has not been displayed by Severn Trent (this should have been done two weeks before work is due to be carried out) and have challenged this with Gloucestershire County Highways, asking them to delay the work so the proper period of signage can be observed. On this occasion this request has been denied by Gloucestershire County Highways as they have asked for rectification work to be completed. They have advised that they will fine Severn Trent for this breach, although this brings no benefit to the local community. The Parish Council will bring this matter to the attention of the County Councillor.